Cherry Picking for Jesus ~ conversations in a radical key

radical: adj. arising from or going to the source; adj. favouring or effecting revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions or institutions

Conversations in a radical key

Today is a good day to start blogging as it is my birthday.

I did think to begin on New Year’s Day 2009 but never quite got around to it.  Possibly because it just seems artificial to start on 1 January – it reminds me of why I’ve never followed the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution since there are good reasons as to why one should resolve to do something at any time.

There is no need to start from stratch in any case – I find that one picks up a conversation midstream – whether that is by reading a book by a favourite philosopher or theologian, or sitting outside at a cafe on Brunswick Street talking with a friend.

I selected for my blog the theme “Conversations in a radical key” to indicate both my interest in conversation and my stance in relation to a variety of options, religious, political, cultural and so forth.  Nearly 10 years ago, I pondered in an essay (published in Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith edited by Debra R Kolodny) the various radical strands that make up the narrative that I retold as my life. I find it a source of endless fascination that we are story-telling creatures that seek to understand ourselves narratively.

I think it important to be able to tell the story well – though I don’t intend to turn my blog into a confessional!  My preference is for a reflective mode – where I pick out insights from books that I read along with explorations of my own – and I invite commentary.



  Andrew wrote @

Happy belated birthday!

Do you define “narrative” in any rigid kind of way? Chronological telling? “Beginning/middle/end”? Conflict/resolution?

I like “midstream.” For every cause there is an effect which more than likely will be a cause in and of itself. And maybe some random stuff tossed in for good measure.

My own blog is pretty darn random. Anyway, cheers for starting yours!

  surrelativity wrote @

Drawing from literature, narratives encompass a variety of formats:-
-the traditional story told with a beginning, a middle and an end, so once upon a time
-a Joycean stream of consciousness as in Ulysses
-a dry run through a list of facts

I do not wish however to make narrative all-encompassing. A friend of mine once asked me whether I thought narrative is primordial to which I would say yes but with caution. Yes, in that we seem to be habitual story-tellers and that we need to take care that the stories we tell do not consume us and worse still, be the justification for violence against those who we have difficulty in welcoming in the stories we tell about ourselves and our communities and the kind of world we live in.

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